Can't get in to us?

Not a problem. Book your home or on-site visit below and we will send a technician to you

We provide a call-out service to those who can't get to us. Elderly, disabled, work from home or businesses - We can come to you at a convenient time and get you back up and running.


By continuing to book your visit, you are deemed to have accepted the below terms

We do ask that if you cannot get to our store due to an illness which is contagious, not to book a home visit, as the health and well being of our staff is important to us and we do not want them to enter a space which could affect their health.

Our call out service is charged at £60.00 per hour, in 15 minute increments and is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

The booking is for a 1 hour period. Our technician will be able to advise you upon arrival how long they think the repair may take. If it will be more than an hour, depending on if any other booking are made after yours, we may be able to finish the repair. If there are other bookings after yours we many need to schedule a return visit or we can take your device to our workshop to finish the repair and deliver when complete. We do not offer a collect and return service so this is only offered if we expect your repair to take longer than the allocated time and we are unable to complete during the allocated booking.

If you are not in when our technician arrives or our technician is not able to gain access to the device through no fault of our own, an invoice will be sent to you for £30.00.

A reminder of your booking will be sent to you by email 1 day before (for advanced bookings) and 30 minutes before we are due to arrive.