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Dear Customers,

We wanted to post this update as we have received a few calls today from worried customers with the uncertainty with regards to the looming lockdown.

We have already been granted permission to remain open as an essential business, same as last time, as we are providing essential IT services to those working from home and home schooling.

This permission has been granted by Derby City Council / Environmental Health.

Your devices are safe in our care and you can continue to bring your devices to us for repair – In fact, we encourage it (help out a small business!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch however we wanted to contact all our customers to restore some peace of mind.

You can track your jobs as normal online by following the instructions in your welcome email and we will be introducing a contactless ‘drop and go’ solution shortly, where you can book in your own device online!

Thank you for your continued business and support and together, we will get through Lockdown 2.0!

The team at DCSL

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Hey everyone!

So you may or may not know that tomorrow (04/05/2020) we are re-opening our retail shop!

We have been in close communication with Derby City Council and we have taken every precaution we can to ensure pubic and staff safety when we re-open. We will be operating reduced, yet extended hours... Intriguing - I know!

So instead of Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri - 9-5 and Weds and Sat - 9-1, We are now open 10 until 4 Monday until Saturday temporarily.

We are really looking forward to seeing our regular customers in store and welcoming some new faces!

Now, onto the modding! Before we re-open I have decided I've earned a well deserved afternoon off. What better way of doing it than modding GTA V whilst at the same time paying tribute to our amazing NHS and essential workers (and getting some pretty cool cars and map upgrades).

Steam have decided now is the time to update Ark Survival Evolved which at the time of typing this has 5 hours download time left.... So had some time to kill!

If anyone has any mod ideas or if you are a fellow modder and have any suggestions, let me know!


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Hi guys, I just wanted to share something quite shocking that I’ve just found out.
I’ll start at the beginning…
A customer in the shop last week said ‘I’m amazed at how much cheaper it is to fix than I expected. I suppose, if my Land Rover broke down and needed looking at, I wouldn’t just bin it and buy a new one would I!”
That statement has stayed with me all week and has set me the goal of calculating how much E-Waste we stop going to landfill in store.
According to a recent publication from The Guardian, over 50 million Tonnes of E-Waste (Computers, mobiles, tablets, TV’s etc) are going to landfill every single year. We knew it was bad, but didn’t know it was that bad. (Read the article here)
When we launched back in August last year, we started the ‘Fix It – Don’t Trash It’ campaign. We want to show you how much more affordable it is to repair your tech as opposed to replacing it.
Watch this space – This time next year we will be releasing a report on how much we’ve saved from landfill.
To find out more about our eco-pledge, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to tell you how you can reduce e-waste and your utility bills by using your tech in a more eco-friendly way!