We're taking part in a 24 hour gaming marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support, starting 9am on Saturday 23rd May!

To help raise vital funds for this amazing charity which is very close to the hearts of all of us at DCSL, we are taking part in the Macmillan Game Hero campaign - a 24 hour round the clock gaming marathon.

We will be playing Ark Survival Evolved - Battling it out in the world of dinosaurs and testing our survival skills (Which i'm sure will only get worse and worse over 24 hours, but we will see!).

Being a technology company with a passion in gaming, we saw this campaign from this charity who have helped us all and we jumped at the chance to help. We will be streaming the live event, right here at the time of the event and we know times are tough right now for us all, but it's harder for charities with donations virtually stopping - yet they are still providing the amazing care they always do. Any donation, no matter how little will be greatly received. 10p, 50p, £1 - it all helps.

So whilst we battle T-rex's and gather resources to build shelters - Please, give what you can and watch the live stream between 9am on Saturday 23rd May and 9am Sunday 24th May.

Live stream starts HERE in...

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