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Stopping e-waste going to landfill

Hi guys, I just wanted to share something quite shocking that I’ve just found out.
I’ll start at the beginning…
A customer in the shop last week said ‘I’m amazed at how much cheaper it is to fix than I expected. I suppose, if my Land Rover broke down and needed looking at, I wouldn’t just bin it and buy a new one would I!”
That statement has stayed with me all week and has set me the goal of calculating how much E-Waste we stop going to landfill in store.
According to a recent publication from The Guardian, over 50 million Tonnes of E-Waste (Computers, mobiles, tablets, TV’s etc) are going to landfill every single year. We knew it was bad, but didn’t know it was that bad. (Read the article here)
When we launched back in August last year, we started the ‘Fix It – Don’t Trash It’ campaign. We want to show you how much more affordable it is to repair your tech as opposed to replacing it.
Watch this space – This time next year we will be releasing a report on how much we’ve saved from landfill.
To find out more about our eco-pledge, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to tell you how you can reduce e-waste and your utility bills by using your tech in a more eco-friendly way!

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