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We need your old tablets!

We need your old tablets – and not the Paracetamol kind!

I have experienced first hand, the heartbreaking situation happening in our hospitals. The wards, the high dependency units, and the intensive care wards.

They are packed with people suffering from this terrible disease and some, with no way of contacting home and no visitors allowed on the wards.

Without going into personal details, after a week and a half of a loved one being in the ICU ward, this weekend we were given the opportunity to Facetime as a family.

This really was an extremely emotional time for us all and I immediately knew I needed to help.

The anxiety levels of the patients in the wards was heartbreaking. No TV, no radio, and for some – no way of contacting home.

I have decided to launch a campaign, where we are asking for donations of tablets, so patients in these wards can use a tablet to watch their favorite film or tv program and rebuild some morale. But more importantly – A way of contacting a loved one.

Please bring your old tablets to our store where we will refurbish them and deliver them where needed.

At this time, we are only able to accept working tablets however missing chargers are ok.

If you are not able to donate a tablet, please visit our just giving page and donate what you can. The funds will be used for chargers and repairing tablets. If we receive more donations than we need, the money will be used to buy refurbished tablets.

Our Just Giving page is here –

Please help us in this cause. This is something extremely close to my heart and had it not been through the kind heart of a nurse using her own personal phone, we as a family would not have been given the opportunity to facetime our loved one.


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